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How To Naturally Treat Bleeding Gums

Posted by David Wallace on

How To Naturally Treat Bleeding Gums

How To Treat Bleeding Gums Naturally: 3 Excellent Ways!

If you are suffering from bleeding gums, swollen gums or gum pain we know how painful and uncomfortable this can be. Bleeding gums can make everyday activities like chewing, drinking or brushing painful and unpleasant. 

Here are a few things that may cause bleeding gums and our recommendations for simple, natural and effective treatment. 

What Causes Bleeding Gums?

Simply put, bacteria and plaque build-up around your gums which can cause swelling and inflammation. This can make gums extra sensitive to touch or contact with things like food, floss or even a toothbrush.

Some common causes for gum bleeding include poor oral hygiene, early onset gingivitis, brushing excessively hard or with the wrong type of toothbrush, pregnancy, nutritional deficiencies, diabetes or ill-fitting dentures. 

It is not unusual to have some light friction-based bleeding from your gums after brushing, however if there is excessive bleeding or pink liquid in the sink after brushing and flossing, here are some recommended treatments. 

 Natural Ways to Treat Bleeding Gums

Treating Bleeding Gums.

The good news is you can treat and reverse bleeding gums naturally by following these oral hygiene best practices and recommendations.

1. Maintain Good Oral Hygiene.

Poor oral hygiene practices result in plaque build-up, gum inflammation, bacteria, tooth decay and possibly gum diseases. Brushing several times daily and flossing are crucial to good oral hygiene. An easy and effective way to floss and condition gums below the gum line is by using the FlossQuick Advanced Oral Hygiene System. This system utilizes custom-made flossing trays and organic, dentist formulated gel to clean, condition and stimulate gums to reduce plaque and bacteria build-up.

2. See a Dentist Regularly.

Harmful plaque and bacteria can lead to issues beyond gingivitis like weakened tooth enamel. The cleaning performed twice a year at your dentist's office will remove plaque and tartar that is difficult to remove at home. This will help prevent bleeding gums and keep your mouth healthy.

3. Use FlossQuick Antigingivitis Organic GumGel.

FlossQuick Antigingivitis GumGel is a natural remedy formulated by dentists to treat bleeding gums and fight gingivitis. FlossQuick with GumGel is the only product on the market that cleans and conditions gums below the gum line, while flossing. It works to soothe sore and painful gums, treat bleeding gums and fight gingivitis.

GumGel can be used stand alone or with the FlossQuick custom flossing trays. GumGel is all-natural and rich in antioxidants using a combination of Neem oil, Clove oil, Peppermint and Lavender oil (essential oils), and other natural ingredients. These essential oils have proven gum and oral healing and conditioning qualities, according to data provided by the US National Laboratory of Medicine and the National Intsitute of Health. 

Neem oil is rich in antioxidants and helps to boost the immune response in the gums and tissues of the mouth. Neem also offers a good remedy for curing mouth ulcers, tooth decay and acts as a pain reliever in toothache problems, tested and clinically proven by the US National Laboratory of Medicine and the National Institute of Health. 

Natural Treatment for Bleeding Gums

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and practicing good oral hygiene will help prevent bleeding gums and gingivitis. The American Dental Association also recommends eating a balanced diet and avoiding between-meal snacking.


How to treat bleeding gums

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