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Our Story

“There has to be a simpler, easier way to floss!” - the question asked in 2015 that led to the single-piece flosser concept and invention of the FlossQuick product. Co-founders Barry Wallace, a consumer products entrepreneur and flossing slacker, and Federico Benejam, a medical products design engineer and flossing advocate, worked with a team of dentists and a prosthodontist to advise the company on a better, easier flossing solution. After dozens of prototypes, design changes and clinical trials in the office of Dr. Scott McGavin the FlossQuick product was tested, a patent application was filed and the product was ready for prime time.

Founded in 2016, Dentera LLC is the first direct-to-consumer company offering an affordable, custom, single-piece flosser for the mass market. Since then, hundreds of FlossQuick devices have been made for people all over the US and 2019 will see the product sold internationally.

We love to make people’s lives easier, and are excited to be on the forefront of the flossing revolution!

Our Product

FlossQuick is custom-made for each patient, specifically designed to fit your dental anatomy. Each device is designed to place floss exactly in the spaces between your teeth, all at once. One custom upper and one custom lower device included with each order.

Using FlossQuick is easy. Simply place the upper or lower device in your mouth and gently push the floss into the spaces between your teeth (If extra pressure is needed, gently bite down on the device) and the floss will be applied uniformly to each space. Move the device up and down and back and forth slowly to complete flossing. Once flossing is completed, remove and rinse the device with warm water or mouthwash and let dry (similar to the care of your toothbrush) and it is ready to be used again! 

Dentera's Board of Dental professionals advises that floss can be re-used if not frayed or torn and the floss is sterilized between uses with mouthwash or warm water and allowed to dry (similar to the care of your toothbrush). You should be able to use each device 10 - 20 times before replacing the floss, depending on the floss used and the spacing between your teeth. There are patients that use the devices up to 20+ times before re-threading the dental floss.

Our Partners

Dentera is a privately funded company that partners with an advisory board of dentists and a prosthodontist to advise on quality, design and production of the FlossQuick devices. Each device is checked for quality, fit and finish based on the digital scan and model of the client’s teeth, to ensure a perfect fit.

Dentera’s mission is clear: Provide a simpler and easier way to consistently floss, for improved gum health and oral hygiene.

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