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How do I order my FlossQuick device?

Order the FlossQuick single piece flossing device online, by e-mail or phone. A FlossQuick home impression kit will be sent direct to your home or office. The kit includes an easy-to-use home dental impression kit (for both top and bottom teeth), trays, impression material and instructions on how to complete the home dental impressions, and a pre-paid envelope for return of the dental impressions to Dentera (See Home Impression Video to learn more).

Once you take your impressions, simply return them in the postage paid return envelope and within 10 days you will receive your custom-made FlossQuick flossing device, ready to use!

e-mail: hey@flossquick.com 
Customer Service: 877-755-4552

Is each device custom made? How are the devices custom fit to my teeth?

Yes, each device is custom made to specifically fit your dental structure. Once your dental impressions are received each device is then digitally designed and crafted by trained Dental Professionals, and aligned to fit your teeth and mouth structure. One upper device and one lower device per patient is created and designed specifically for the anatomy or your teeth, ensuring a perfect fit!

How do I thread the floss on the device?

Threading the devices is easy, it normally takes less than 60 seconds to thread and can be re-used multiple times. Begin by winding your floss around the tab at the bottom of the device 4 – 5 times, then follow the instructions and thread the floss in the notches and around the body of the device, finally securing the floss around the tab opposite the tab you used at the beginning. Please refer to the instructions included with the devices, or view the "How to Thread the FlossQuick Device" video on the FlossQuick website.

Is dental floss re-useable?

Yes, if the floss is sterilized between uses with mouthwash and allowed to dry. Dentera's board of Dental professionals advises that the floss can be re-used if not frayed or torn. Otherwise remove the used floss and replace with new floss of your choice, and the device is ready for continued use.

How many times can I use my FlossQuick device before replacing the floss?

You should be able to use device 10 – 20 times before replacing the floss, depending on floss used and the spacing between your teeth. There are patients that use the devices up to 20 times before re-threading the dental floss.

How does the home impression kit work, what is included?

Once the product is ordered the FlossQuick product kit is sent to you. The kit includes dental trays, impression material, usage instructions and a postage paid return envelope. Once you complete the impressions, simply return the impressions in the postage paid return envelope and within 10 days you will receive your custom-made FlossQuick flossing device, ready to use!

Please see the "How to Take a Great Home Dental Impression" video at www.flossquick.com

How do I use my FlossQuick Device?

Your custom designed FlossQuick device comes pre-threaded, but can be used with any brand or type of dental floss. Simply place the upper or lower device in your mouth and gently push the floss into the spaces between your teeth (If extra pressue is needed, gently bite down on the device) and the floss will be applied uniformally to each space. Move the device up and down and back and forth slowly to complete flossing. Once flossing is completed, remove and rinse the device with warm water or mouthwash and let dry, and it is ready to be used again.

What is the device made of?

Medical grade PLA plastic, designed and 3D printed specifically to fit your dental structure.

How do I clean the device? Can I soak it in mouthwash?

Yes, we recommend that you sterilize the devices after each use, either by cleaning with warm, soapy water and rinsing thoroughly, or soaking it in your favorite mouthwash. Treat the cleaning of your device much like you would the cleaning of your toothbrush.

Is FlossQuick patented? Is FlossQuick FDA Approved?

Yes, the FlossQuick device concept is patent pending.

The FlossQuick product is a Class 1 Medical Device under FDA guidelines and does not require FDA approval, much like a toothbrush or dental floss picks. However the FDA does require company and product registration for Class 1 Medical Devices.

Should I consult my dentist before ordering?

We recommend that you talk with your dentist if you have concerns about your flossing habits and need to increase the frequency of your flossing. The FlossQuick device has been created to facilitate easy, quick flossing.

Questions or concerns?

Please do not hesitate to contact us!

e-mail: hey@flossquick.com 
Customer Service: 877-755-4552

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