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FlossQuick Upper and Lower Tray + Essential Oils GumGel
FlossQuick Upper and Lower Tray + Essential Oils GumGel
FlossQuick Upper and Lower Tray + Essential Oils GumGel
FlossQuick Upper and Lower Tray + Essential Oils GumGel
FlossQuick Upper and Lower Tray + Essential Oils GumGel
FlossQuick Upper and Lower Tray + Essential Oils GumGel
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FlossQuick Upper and Lower Tray + Essential Oils GumGel
FlossQuick Upper and Lower Tray + Essential Oils GumGel
FlossQuick Upper and Lower Tray + Essential Oils GumGel

FlossQuick Upper and Lower Tray + Essential Oils GumGel

FlossQuick is custom-made for each user and will last for years with proper care. One reusable custom upper and lower device is included with each order. Replace the floss on each device as needed, usually after 10 - 20 uses depending on the condition of the floss. 

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How to Select the Correct Size Dental Impression Trays

Dental Impression Tray Sizing Guide.

It's important that we send you correctly sized dental impression trays, so that our lab technicians can create the perfect fitting FlossQuick devices.

  1. Take a quick lateral measurement of your upper teeth (side to side width).
  2. With a piece of dental floss measure the widest spot in the back of your upper teeth.
  3. Try to measure your back teeth as far back as possible.
  4. The correct tray size should be approx. 1/2 inch larger than the widest part of your upper back teeth.
  5. For example, if your teeth measure 2 9/16 and you are an adult, you would select the adult large impression tray.
  6. The upper and lower tray sets are designed to fit the most common dental anatomy, so the lower tray should fit correctly once the correct upper tray size is selected.

We are happy to help you determine the correct tray size, just call customer support at 877-755-4552 or email hey@flossquick.com or Live Chat, whichever you prefer.
We look forward to hearing from you. Happy Flossing!

  • Home Impression Kit
  • Custom Set of Reusable Flossing Trays
  • Tube of Natural Organic Essential Oils GumGel
  • Carrying Case
  • Usage Diagram & Instructions

FlossQuick with GumGel is the first Oral Hygiene System of its kind that cleans and conditions below the gum line, while flossing. Proper and consistent use of FlossQuick, along with daily brushing and correct oral care, should improve your overall oral health and effectively treat gum ailments..

Using FlossQuick is the quickest, easiest and most effective way to improve overall oral health.

Our lab technicians take great pride in creating accurately sized, well crafted and properly fitting flossing trays. FlossQuick is guaranteed to fit your dental anatomy and be free from defects or issues or your money back, guaranteed.

Clinical Trial Results

Improve Your Oral Health

Patients reported what they thought was reduced unusual redness in their gums and improved oral health

Frequency of Flossing

Patients showed an increase in flossing frequency

Gum Soreness and Tenderness

Reduction in gum soreness and tenderness after 12 weeks of using FlossQuick

Reduction in Bleeding

Patients founds a reduction in their gums bleeding while flossing

Healthy Gums Done Easy

As Easy As 1,2,3

We send you an easy-to-use home dental impression kit with instructions on how to easily create dental impressions. It’s important our lab knows the exact dimensions of your teeth and mouth. Send them back in the postage prepaid envelope and the lab digitizes your impressions using CAD software and custom designs flossing trays that perfectly fit the spacing, curvature, depth and width of your mouth.

Your trays are custom designed and printed on commercial grade 3D printers using environmentally friendly medical grade PLA plastic, the same material used in the manufacture of medical devices. The trays are durable, guaranteed against breakage and will last for years. One custom upper and one custom lower tray is included.

Floss is reusable (similar to your toothbrush) if properly rinsed and cleansed using warm water or mouthwash. Most customers use FlossQuick 15 - 20 times before replacing the floss, provided that floss is not frayed or broken. Re-threading FlossQuick is easy, normally taking less than 30 seconds per tray.

Instagram Reviews

@sunsetandbubblyblog ★★★★★

"This travels well and makes it easy to floss on the go!.My husband and I both love it!"

@_kellikelley ★★★★★

"My mouth just feels cleaner, I love the gum gel. I felt the difference in my gums after only 2 weeks of nightly use"

@k8_andhearts ★★★★★

"I know I need to floss, this just makes it faster and my mouth feels cleaner. Not bad for a 15-second job!"

@rdhdara ★★★★★

"My Starter Kit came fast and was easy to do! I received my custom device one week later and have been using it consistently since"


Customer Reviews

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Is each device custom made? How are the devices custom fit to my teeth?

Yes, each device is custom made to specifically fit your dental structure. Once your dental impressions are received each device is then digitally designed and crafted by trained Dental Professionals, and aligned to fit your teeth and mouth structure. One upper device and one lower device per patient is created and designed specifically for the anatomy or your teeth, ensuring a perfect fit!

Once the product is ordered the FlossQuick product kit is sent to you. The kit includes dental trays, impression material, usage instructions and a postage paid return envelope. Once you complete the impressions, simply return the impressions in the postage paid return envelope and within 10 days you will receive your custom-made FlossQuick flossing device, ready to use!

How do I thread the floss on the device?

Threading the devices is easy, it normally takes less than 60 seconds to thread and can be re-used multiple times. Begin by winding your floss around the tab at the bottom of the device 4 – 5 times, then follow the instructions and thread the floss in the notches and around the body of the device, finally securing the floss around the tab opposite the tab you used at the beginning. Please refer to the instructions included with the devices, or view the "How to Thread the FlossQuick Device" video on the FlossQuick website.

Is dental floss re-useable?

Yes, if the floss is sterilized between uses with mouthwash and allowed to dry. Dentera's board of Dental professionals advises that the floss can be re-used if not frayed or torn. Otherwise remove the used floss and replace with new floss of your choice, and the device is ready for continued use.