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What's included

  • Home Impression Kit
We send you an easy-to-use home dental impression kit with instructions on how to easily create dental impressions. It’s important our lab knows the exact dimensions of your teeth and mouth. 
Send them back in the postage prepaid envelope and the lab digitizes your impressions using CAD software and custom designs flossing trays that perfectly fit the spacing, curvature, depth and width of your mouth. 
  • Custom Set of  Reusable Flossing Trays
Your trays are custom designed and printed on commercial grade 3D printers using environmentally friendly medical grade PLA plastic, the same material used in the manufacture of medical devices. The trays are durable, guaranteed against breakage and will last for years. One custom upper and one custom lower tray is included. Floss is reusable (similar to your toothbrush) if properly rinsed and cleansed using warm water or mouthwash. Most customers use FlossQuick 15 - 20 times before replacing the floss, provided that floss is not frayed or broken. Re-threading FlossQuick is easy, normally taking less than 30 seconds per tray.
  • Tube of Natural, Organic Essential Oils GumGel
GumGel is an all natural, organic dentist formulated gel consisting of effective and natural gingivitis and gum disease treating essential oils and other ingredients. These ingredients are proven to condition and treat gum disease, bleeding, receding and sore gums. (put in link to GumGel page)FlossQuick can also be used with the gum conditioner of your choice or one recommended by your dentist ie: Orajel, PerioMed, TheraBreath, even toothpaste.
  • Carrying Case
You may choose to store FlossQuick in mouthwash for that fresh, just brushed sensation after use. A convenient carrying case is included for ease of storage.
  • Usage Diagram / Instructions
Detailed usage diagrams and instructions are provided showing proper use and care of your custom FlossQuick devices. Please contact us with any questions or concerns.